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Train Layouts

Guests on The Train Show

Alphabetical Order
Art Fahie - N Scale, Niagra and Pearl Creek Railroad
Art 'P' Popayanapoulos - N-Trak, G Scale
Bill Borelli - Eagle Mountain RR - O SCALE
Bob Canata and Sons - O Gauge
Bill Collins HO
Bill Dooley - High Island Railroad "Greenlawn and Seaford"
Bill Winkle - O Gauge - Hi Rail Bill Worhle - N Scale Home Layout, folds up into wall
Bob Delgrosso - Author Burlington Northern Amazon
Bob Gatland - NTrak N Scale and NTrak Bridge Module
Brett Einhorn - Host of The Train Show and Brettsterville N Scale Railroad
Chris Fallis, Colorado Springs
David Levene - Kato N Scale, N-Trak
Dave Metal - HOtrack of Long Island
Debbie Lynch - HO Levittown, NY
Duane Yorke - Rockville Centre Model Railroad
Emmons Lancaster - Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad
George Hunka [RIP] - West Island Model Railroad, Loco #35
Henry Stubing, N-Trak, G Scale
Jim Miranda's Jimville Model RR - HO 6/2003
John and Kevin Hollahan, Tradewinds and Atlantic, Florida
Keith Denton - HO and Long Island Live Steamers
Nancy - West Island Model Railroad Club
Nick West Island Model Railroad Club
Phil Irwin New Caledonia Central RR, HO
Ron Souissa, O Gauge featuring Grand Central Terminal
Ted Entwistle HO and O Gauge RR, Inwood, NY 6/2003
Thomas Gleave HO
Winchester and Western Model Railroad Club - Winchester, VA