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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions
Who, What, Why , Where and How
What is The Train Show?
The Train Show started as a 'Public Access Television Show on Long Island, in New York State. Model Railroaders invited us into their homes and shared their interest in the hobby of Model Railroading. When did the Television Show Start? In July of 1996, the television show 'Model Railroading on Long Island' was first cablecast on Cablevision of Long Island in New York. Where was it originally seen? Cablevision of Long Island in Nassau County, New York, then Suffolk County New York
Satellite TV in the United States Coast-to-Coast
Where can I see it today?
Watch us on
When did we change the name of the Cable TV Show?
We changed the name in 1998. Many people were saying: "You are the folks that do "The Train Show" when they met us. At one show someone pointed to Brett and said: "There's the kid from "The Train Show!" So we changed the name to The Train Show.
How many TV shows are there? We produced over 80 shows for cable and 34 for Satellite TV. How many people have watched The Train Show?
Since we have been on YouTube over 4 Million people have visited our shows.
Why do we produce the TV Show? Model railroading is a great hobby with many facets for people to enjoy. Kids, adults and seniors love trains and we enjoy sharing the hobby with everyone.
The hobby has been part of my foundation with my son Brett since he was 5 years old. Do model railroaders help us with our show? Yes, they are the 'stars of the show' since the beginning. We share their stories, layouts and creations. People open their homes for us to view their train layouts we take you to places you wouldn't normally have access to. We get 'behind the scenes' and share it with you! The idea is to share what others are doing in the hobby. We help them tell their story in their own words!
Richard and Brett Einhorn "The Train Show"